The BRPT Approach

What is "Advanced Manual Therapy"

Tara is certified in Integrative Manual Therapy which looks at all the systems in the body and how they work together (see for more)

IMT is a gentle myofascial release technique. We are all constructed of layers of fascia (similar to the clear stuff you clean off chicken) that run head-to-toe like body suits, as well as around our eyeballs, organs, muscles, blood vessels etc. It's fascia that keeps everything in place when you're upside down. These layers need to slide easily across each other to allow the structures they're around to function optimally - (think sliding plastic wrap across water). Now think of baklava (the Greek pastry), its layers are sticky and gooey. You DON'T want to be sticky and gooey. (Yes, hydration is important).Trauma, illness and infection can decrease your fascial mobility. We can help you increase it.

How does it work?

The body is 78% water, just like the Earth. Fascia responds well to gentle myofascial release techniques (compare shoving a boat off the dock vs. gently gliding it out). Imagine a stuck drawer. You can pull on it until it opens (similar to a direct fascial technique like massage or rolling on a foam roller which forces the tissues to move in the direction they're not) or push it in until it releases (similar to an indirect technique like integrative manual therapy which lets the tissues keep moving the direction they're already going). Both can be beneficial, but indirect is less invasive.